As the name suggests, it is an exhibition box which can be given to the visitors participating in the fair as a very effective promotion material. It is a box made of strong cardboard with wheels and pulling handle. You can have all kinds of visual branding and advertisement on its body as offset printing can be applied on it.


EXPOBOX is an indispensable product with which visitors are able to carry the catalogues, brochures and samples they take from the stands. By this way , EXPOBOX incloses all promotional materials of your competitors’. Then visitors carrying EXPOBOX advertise your business as they stroll down the isles of the fair , in the streets ,at the airport and everywhere they use it. In this sense EXPOBOX is your mobile billboard. While increasing your brand awareness, you can also incredibly get return of your investments for the fair.

Potential use areas:
Exhibitions and events Shopping centers
* Tourism sector(hotels, agencies) , airline companies
* Medical and pharmaceutical industry meetings and symposiums
* In packaging industry (especially for products hard to carry)
* In other different packaging ideas and etc.

100% is produced in Turkey. Carrying capacity is 8-15 kg. Cabin size dimensions are available for aircrafts and trains, also special diemensions can be produced.

From Our References

This is our promotional product; When you go to the fuard, you will be doing your advertising when you return to your hotel, home, or work place.